JASVM Table of Content 2018

Improvement of growth performance, immunity and disease resistance in Nile tilapia, Oreochromis niloticus, by using dietary probiotics supplementation

M. F. Dowidar, Sameh Abd ElAzeem, Khater A. M., Awad Somayah. M. and Metwally S. A.
Abstract | Full Text (PDF) | Full Text (HTML) | References
Pages:35-46 | Published:12th March, 2018

Phytochemicals and uses of Moringa oleifera leaves in humans and animals in Sokoto

Sherifat Banke IDRIS and Usman Rayyanu ADAMU
Abstract | Full Text (PDF) | Full Text (HTML) | References
Pages:30-34 | Published:26th February, 2018

Effects of breed, haemoglobin and potassium polymorphism on blood biochemical profiles of agro-pastoral goats

Sam, I. M., Ukpanah, U. A., Eyoh, G. D. and Ekpo, J. S.
Abstract | Full Text (PDF) | Full Text (HTML) | References
Pages:24-29 | Published:14th February, 2018

Clinical prevalence of diseases and disorders in cattle and goat at the Upazila Veterinary Hospital, Beanibazar, Sylhet, Bangladesh

Arup Sen, Samuel Muhit, Rahul Das Talukdar Avi, Razib Das, Mahfuza Akther and Abdullah Al Mamun Shagar
Abstract | Full Text (PDF) | Full Text (HTML) | References
Pages:18-23 | Published:25th January, 2018

Evaluation of anthelmintic potential of Parkia biglobosa leaves and seeds extracts against infective larvae and adult of Haemonchus contortus of goats

J. G. Josiah, I. C. J. Omalu, J. Y. Adama, I. A. A. Ejima and O. A. Obi
Abstract | Full Text (PDF) | Full Text (HTML) | References
Pages:6-17 | Published:16th January, 2018

Relationship between morphological traits, body indices and body condition score as welfare indicators of Nigerian sheep

Olaniyi T. A., Popoola M. A., Olaniyi O. A., Faniyi T. O. and Iniobong U.
Abstract | Full Text (PDF) | Full Text (HTML) | References
Pages:1-5 | Published:11th January, 2018

Blood profile of growing dromedary camel fed varying levels of dried Gawo (Faidherbia albida) leaves in the Northern Guinea Savannah of Nigeria

Ibrahim, H., Lamidi O. S., Hassan M. R., Abdullahi M., Zakariya, M. W. and Ahmed, S.
Abstract | Full Text (PDF) | Full Text (HTML) | References
Pages:176-182 | Published:7th December, 2017

Assessment of roundworm species prevalence in cattle, sheep and goats slaughtered at Lafia Abattoir, Nasarawa State, Nigeria

Adua M. M., Idahor K. O. and Christopher S. K.
Abstract | Full Text (PDF) | Full Text (HTML) | References
Pages:171-175 | Published:24th November, 2017

Evaluation of fermented locust bean meal (Parkia biglobosa) as replacement to soybean meal on production performance, blood profile and gut morphology of broiler chicken

Foluke A. Aderemi, Olufemi. M. Alabi, Mathew. O. Ayoola and Loveth O. Oyelami
Abstract | Full Text (PDF) | Full Text (HTML) | References
Pages:164-170 | Published:24th November, 2017

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